6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Conservatory

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1. It’s a whole new room

A conservatory is not just a few pieces of glass and plastic. It’s a totally new space for your house that you can do with what you wish. For example some people get one to use as a playroom for their children. Others may need an extra bit of space for a teenager. You can use your imagination and whatever you decide – you can always changes your mind and transform it again at a later date. Whole new decorative themes may be employed.

How you create the entrance to the conservatory is important and plays a large part in the feel of that whole thing so do pay close attention to this.

2.  They add value to your house

A conservatory can add 7% to your home value (as opposed to an extension at 11%) and remember that an extension takes much longer to build and is more expensive. Some people have added more than 11% obviously it depends on the individual build. Planning permission may be required but in many cases it is not if certain size guidelines are adhered to.  Your local supplier will be able to advise you on this.

3.  You can grow various plants in one

Plants may not be your thing – a conservatory is an ideal growing area though. And in these days over ever increasing concern over toxins in our food why not grow some of your own with ease? The conservatory gives you the advantage of the sun without the disadvantages of predatory animals, insect infestations or heavy rain and wind. Trouble free growing all the way. Give this some consideration – you could at least throw some basil in there.

4.  It can happen really fast

Once the ground work and bases are done and ready to go the whole thing can be erected in less than a week depending on the dimensions.    Compare this to the time it takes (and the disruption) of an extension.  An extension also doesn’t deliver the same amount of sunlight unless you install many large windows.

5. They help you to appreciate the evenings

If you have a conservatory you can really appreciate the evening light and subtleties of the sunset. Spend time watching the end of the day and get to know your garden better. You can keep an eye on that water feature or watch birds settling in for the evening.

6. It takes you into the garden

Spend more time appreciating your efforts in the garden without going outside.

You can still enjoy your garden in the winter time – and if you notice something that needs attention you can just step outside and get involved.






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